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wills, estates and trusts

For more than thirty years, SorbaraLaw clients have trusted our lawyers to plan and administer their most important intergenerational affairs.  Our lawyers carefully orchestrate every detail of the transfer of wealth to future generations, whether for the largest of family businesses or the most modest personal estate.

At SorbaraLaw, our corporate and commercial, family law, real estate, and tax clients rely on our lawyers for expert advice in planning and administering even the most complicated corporate and family succession plans.  We are regularly engaged to advise on individual tax questions, powers of attorney for property or for personal care, to create and administer trust arrangements, and a host of other personal services.

Our lawyers continually monitor the legislation, court decisions, and social trends that most affect our clients.  For example: Canadians are living longer and staying healthier than ever before, creating a growing demand for Elder Law services.  Increasingly, clients well past the usual retirement age are divorcing and deciding to enter new relationships.  Those decisions fundamentally affect existing wills and other such arrangements.  New wills, trusts, and estate structures are often required to ensure the intentions of all parties are achieved.

SorbaraLaw lawyers are also experts in dealing with the interpretation of wills and contested wills including questions of mental capacity, dependants’ support applications and power of attorney disputes.  Our lawyers are regularly called upon to protect the interests of estates, trustees, and beneficiaries in disputes arising from the administration of estates.  SorbaraLaw prefers to deal with these matters through negotiation and mediation while avoiding the cost and time required for litigation.  However, when necessary, our lawyers are formidable litigators and have successfully protected our clients’ rights at every level of court in Ontario, and at the Supreme Court of Canada.

In the event of the death of a loved one, our lawyers are trusted advisors in estate administration, probate matters, transfers of assets, post-mortem tax planning, and estate tax filings.  Whether you are making plans for the future, or dealing with the passing of a loved one, SorbaraLaw can assist you through every stage of the process.


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