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Tax Loopholes: Devious Dealings or Dumb Drafting?

Original published on LinkedIn This week’s announcement that Ottawa is closing a loophole which allows non-residents of Canada to claim the prin...
Oct 2016

Tax Traps of US Business Travel

The next time you travel to the US and a customs official asks whether your purpose is business or pleasure, consider the consequences. Outside the U....
Mar 2016

Agribusiness: Compensable Pest Control Product Registrations

The regulation of pesticides in Canada is shared between the federal and provincial levels of government. The federal government is responsible for pr...
Mar 2016

A Corporate Law Makeover

Ontario’s Ministry of Government Services recently published a Report calling for the transformation of the province’s business legislatio...
Dec 2015

Canada: The New Thin-Cap: Lenders Take Heed!

Canada's thin-capitalization rule has changed. Intra-group loans into Canada must be reviewed if adverse tax consequences are to be avo...
May 2012
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