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Ontario to Permit Mid-Rise Wood Frame Buildings up to 6 Storeys as of January 1, 2015

Through amendments to the Building Code introduced by Ontario Regulation 191/14, Ontario will increase the permissible height of wood frame buildings ...
Dec 2014

Municipal Bonusing: “Obvious undue advantage” remains the threshold, but still little judicial guidance on how municipalities should draw the line

Section 106 of the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 is a much worried about “anti-bonusing” provision of broad application. It is wor...
Nov 2014

Recovering No-Fault Clean Up Costs Post Kawartha Lakes

Recovering No-Fault Clean Up Costs Post Kawartha Lakes A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, Kawartha Lakes (City) v. Ontario (E...
May 2014

Ontario’s Draft PPS Policies and the Greening of Provincial Policy

As part of its consultations on the development of a new Provincial Policy Statement (“PPS”), Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affair...
Feb 2014

Land Acquisitions: Three Unique Ontario Land Use Controls to Consider

Real estate developers in Canada and the United States will all be familiar with the due diligence issues that are common to most jurisdictions during...
Feb 2014
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