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Updates in Estate Law Legislation - Part II

We march closer to the end of 2021, another long and strange year. Big changes have taken place in modernizing Estates law, and some of these changes ...
Jan 2022

Recent Developments in Dependent Support from Estates

On December 5, 2016, the Ontario Legislature passed new legislation, called the All Families Are Equal Act, 2016 S.O. 2016, c.23 (Bill 28) (“the...
Aug 2017

Last Wishes and The Authority of an Estate Trustee

Imagine that you are an Estate Trustee for a family member or friend’s Estate, and that she has asked you to cremate her body and to dispose of ...
Mar 2017

Testamentary Freedom vs. Public Policy

A recent wave of Canadian case law has shone some light on testamentary freedom, and the exceptions to this freedom. An individual has the freedom to ...
Oct 2016

Compensation for Executors and Attorneys under Power of Attorney

Acting as an attorney under a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property (PoA) for an incapable person or as the Executor of an Estate, can involve con...
Feb 2016
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