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Minimizing the Costs of Separation/Divorce: The Collaborative Process

When it comes to a separation, there are different types of costs to consider. Right away, most people think about the financial cost. However, there ...
Oct 2016

When Is a Cottage a Matrimonial Home?

In Egan v. Burton [2013] O.J. No. 2408, the parties had been married for twenty years with the husband having brought into the marriage a cottage whic...
Nov 2014

Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home

Under section 24 of the Family Law Act, the court has the power to grant a married spouse exclusive possession of a matrimonial home regardless of whi...
Mar 2014

Collaborative Family Law

A (relatively) new alternative dispute resolution process is gaining increased traction in the family law world. Collaborative Family Law (CFL) arose ...
Feb 2014

A Marriage Under Sharia Law Can be Valid in Ontario

Under Ontario law, when a couple separates, a claim may be made pursuant to the Family Law Act for an equalization of net family property. This equali...
Feb 2014
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