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At SorbaraLaw, we offer more than just exceptional legal services for your business; we provide long-term solutions for your success.


We are experienced in all areas of law affecting your personal life. From family law to litigation, estates to real estate, we offer legal advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

Sorbara Law

With more than 35 lawyers practising in all major service areas and with various industry specialties, SorbaraLaw has the right lawyer and team to help with the legal challenge or opportunity you are facing.

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A Guide to Pre-Construction Assignment Transactions

The process of “assigning” an interest in an agreement of purchase and sale is a relatively new concept in Waterloo Region and it is quick...
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Mirror Wills vs. Mutual Wills: Differences and Considerations

Spouses often choose to draft Wills with reciprocal terms that leave their respective Estates to each other, and then if one of them predeceases the o...
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Who Is Responsible for Snow and Ice Removal in a Residential Tenancy

In the Winter, the likelihood of a slip and fall accident goes up dramatically due to snow and ice accumulation.  Whether it is a slippery sidewa...
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SorbaraLaw welcomes Tinashe Madzingo to our Real Estate Law Group.

SorbaraLaw is delighted to welcome Tinashe Madzingo to our Real Estate Law Group. Joining the firm in January of 2019, Tinashe brings with him a uniqu...
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