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Recreational Cannabis in Condominiums

New legislation came into effect late 2018 to legalize the possession, use and production of cannabis for recreational purposes in private residences....
Jan 2019

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations in Condominiums

Creating a policy for electric vehicles involves many considerations. Which party will pay for the installation of the necessary infrastructure? Who p...
Apr 2018

Title Insurance: Your Guardian Angel When Things Go Wrong

Your home is likely your biggest investment and it is important to protect it. Real estate lawyers often recommend that their clients purchase title i...
Dec 2015

U.S. Estate Tax: Don’t Just Throw Your Vacation Home into a Trust

Too little attention is paid to cross-border tax traps. Even when advice is sought, the response is often incomplete or simply wrong because it is res...
Nov 2014

When is Replacement Cost Fire Insurance Not Really Replacement Cost Fire Insurance?

A recent case decided in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice interprets a section of a homeowner’s fire insurance policy that does not app...
Nov 2014

When Is a Cottage a Matrimonial Home?

In Egan v. Burton [2013] O.J. No. 2408, the parties had been married for twenty years with the husband having brought into the marriage a cottage whic...
Nov 2014

New Mortgage Rules for Homebuyers

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the near future, the federal government has implemented some new mortgage rules that you need to be aware ...
Feb 2014
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