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Canada's Supreme Court Rules on Retroactive Adjustments to Child Support

The Supreme Court of Canada (S.C.C.) has recently ruled on a common problem in the area of family law; namely, dealing with requests for a retroactive...
Nov 2021
Blog Post

Setting Aside a Domestic Contract

The recent 2020 Ontario case of Caparello v Henkenhaf provides an excellent illustration of what sometimes happens when disputes arise after matrimoni...
May 2020

Understanding Retroactive Child Support

In the current era of “Big Data” and information overload, law is no different from other aspects of life in the sense that one must be ca...
Aug 2017

A Victory in Child Protection Law

In an almost fairytale-like ending to a four year battle with the Toronto Children’s Aid Society (C.A.S.), Jim Peluch of the SorbaraLaw Family L...
Oct 2016

When Revenge isn’t Sweet

As a result of what appeared to be a misguided attempt to “get even” with his (ex-)wife for calling the police following a domestic assaul...
Dec 2015
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