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Mar 2023

Brampton City Councillors Reject Proposed Residential Development

Urban Densification Presenting Increased Challenges in Peel Region

By Brooklyn Lester and Slonee Malhotra

In Ontario, questions of housing unaffordability and unavailability have been dominating headlines and legislative reform. In Brampton, this issue is of particular concern. The Region of Peel, which encompasses Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon, has called for immediate action to increase the supply of housing in the region. In Peel Region, as of March 2023, it is estimated that an average income family will be required to save for more than 30 years to secure an affordable monthly mortgage at today’s home prices. However, recent attempts to increase the availability of housing in Brampton have been rejected, raising concerns that there is no unified plan in place to combat this crisis.

Two proposed residential towers to be built at 1857 Queen Street West in Brampton, were rejected at the proposal stage by the City Councillors of Brampton. While these buildings would have added hundreds of housing units to the community, local residents strongly opposed the proposal. Residents flagged concerns to City Councillors of increased traffic, inadequate transit infrastructure and environmental conservation. Of particular concern to City Councillors and local residents were local school capacities, which are already grappling with overcrowding.

The Rotary Club of Brampton Glen Community Centre was the one behind the proposed development. They have asked the City Councillors to reverse their decision, citing the impact on the Rotary Club’s ability to focus on other charitable projects if they are forced to spend funds on an appeal. The City Councillors rejected the proposal nonetheless, and did not revise their decision. The Rotary Club has indicated it intends to appeal the decision.

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