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One of the most effective methods of protecting your idea or invention is to keep it a secret.  The only caveat to this type of protection is that it is only as good as the means in which you keep the idea or invention a secret. 

Once a trade secret is exposed, the owner cannot regain the confidentiality of a trade secret.  Additionally, the owner of the trade secret has little recourse against the individual responsible for the disclosure.  The only resource available are the ones as described in a contractual agreement between the owner and the individual who disclosed the trade secret.

We at SorbaraLaw can assist you with confidential information and with establishing trade secrets.  We can help determine if the invention is suited for, and can be maintained through trade secret.  Upon the determination that the idea or invention lends itself to this type of protection, we can assist you in ensuring the idea or invention is kept as a trade secret.  We can do so through careful drafting of employment contracts, contractual agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and instituting other mechanisms that help protect the invention.