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A monopoly provides a distinct advantage to your business.

A patent provides your business with much more than a monopoly on the innovative goods and services for twenty years from date of filing.  It does wonders for the businesses and the brand.  A patent is a clear indication to your consumers that your business is on the forefront of the industry.   It is how your business sets itself apart from its competitors.

Let SorbaraLaw not only provide you with a monopoly in the market, but to elevate your business to the elite group of forward thinking companies.  We can assist you in in all aspects of the patent application and patent enforcement processes.  SorbaraLaw is a full-service patent firm.  Our expertise in the field provides your business with a full range of services.  We can assist you in:

  • assessing the patentability of your invention;
  • ensuring that your products do not infringe competitors granted patents and patent applications;
  • file patent applications smartly, being cognizant of your businesses need and your invention;
  • ensuring your business obtains board patent protection; and
  • enforcing your patent rights.