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Your consumers have come to associate your Trademark with your business.  You have spent considerable time and effort to build your business and to ensure your mark, work or slogan is distinct and highly recognizable.  The specific word, mark, or slogan, when seen by consumers forms a connection to their previous experience with purchasing goods and services under the same work, mark or slogan. The investment you put in to building this association is a valuable asset.  Consumers use this association as a guide when purchasing goods and services.  A Trademark is how consumers know the quality of the goods and services that they are purchasing. 

Why let an infringer use your hard work and effort to confuse consumers into purchasing their goods and services?  Not only is the infringer taking away a sale, but they are taking away future sales as the consumer will now associate your Trademark to the quality of goods provided by the infringer.

It is imperative to protect your Trademark.  Let SorbaraLaw help you protect your Trademarks and your brand.  Our team can ensure that your mark, word, or slogan is protected from infringers and we can ensure that your business can enjoy the hard-earned benefits associated with trademark and brand recognition.