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Jan 17, 2019

SorbaraLaw welcomes Raman Gill to our Family Law Group.

Featuring Raman De Souza

SorbaraLaw is delighted to announce that Ramanjit (Raman) Gill has joined our family law group and is practicing out of our Waterloo office. Raman joined the firm in November 2018 and has since been settling into her role as a family lawyer at SorbaraLaw.  Raman brings with her a wealth of experience and proven results in assisting clients with family law matters such as marriage and custody issues, access, support and property claim disputes.

Raman takes a cooperative and collaborative approach with all clients, guiding them and providing support and advice throughout the legal process. Her passion for helping clients understand and deal with their legal problems has allowed her to deliver the best results for her clients past and present.

We are pleased to welcome Raman to our firm and we are sure she will continue to prosper in her role at SorbaraLaw.